Graphic Design



Comic Book Work

Book Cover
Strong & Shameless
Wedding Program
Wedding Program
Watercolor of a Cat
Watercolor at 11x14"

Mural- Marvel Heroes
Snow Sentinel Mural
Cover Time Corps #3
Cover for a series I Color & Letter
T-Shirt Design
T-Shirt design for a kid's soccer team.
Deep Forest Designs Logo Design for Leather Crafting Company Newspaper Insert
Hand out Flyer
Watercolor of a Dog
Watercolor on paper 20x12"
Mural- DC Heroes
Green Arrow & Nightwing Mural
Colors & Letters Time Corps #8
Interior Page Color & Lettering Sample
4 Layer 3D Paper Project
3D layered perspective
Clean People Laundry
Laundrymat Logo
Business Card
Business card design

Nursery Name on Wood Letters
Custom letter painting

Mural- Olivia the Pig
Olivia Mural

Colors Time Corps #8
Color sample

Newspaper Illustration
Day of the Dead newspaper illustration
Together We Grow
Bi-Fold Flier

Acrylic on Shaped Board
DC Toys Sign

Mural- Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes Mural
Colors Big Game Hunters #1
Color sample
    Custom Map Design
Map for a Boy Scout camp on Catalina Island
Acrylic on Board
Hellboy TabletopDC Characters Mural

Greeting Card Designs

Ducky pair Wedding shower design Thank You Bear Heart Train 12 Dancing Princesses
Heart Bear Dragon with a Present Happy Hannukah Card Christmas Lit Lifeguard Tower Giraffe and the Present Tree Boy and Dolphin